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27 April 2015

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Feet on the dirt, the rear wheel slides out and a quick twist of the throttle. The Ducati riders make their way through the dust cloud and get to grips with off-road bikes that seem to have a mind of their own.

Danilo Petrucci in MotoGP is the new kid on the block. After three tough years, he has now got his hands on a Desmosedici GP14, the bike that Andrea Dovizioso struggled with last year. But Danilo is enjoying himself: he has twice started alongside Rossi on the grid, and in Argentina was even ahead of him. Petrux is a tall and big guy, a heavyweight in MotoGP, but in flat track this sort of physique helps. Dovi and Iannone ate dirt all afternoon.

Coast to Coast tessuto non tessuto-carta da parati struttura ottica BLU g23320 (8,43 euro per m²),

“Yeah, with the high bars I feel pretty much at home. Even today I go bombing around the woods with an enduro bike, but I’ll have to stop because the trees don’t seem to want to get out of the way. This was my first time with flat track. It’s great. The bike is powerful, it goes well and has a mind of its own. The same characteristics as a MotoGP bike.”

Tessuto non tessuto Fotomurale no. 2562 legno carta da parati tunnel 3d legno effetto legno Marroneee liwwi ,

“I was taught to enter wide, touch the rope and exit tight. Marc does exactly the opposite. He comes in tight, brakes at an impossible angle, puts his Honda sideways finishing wide, then accelerates brusquely by cutting the corner and catapulting himself out. Exactly the same as you do in flat track.”

Tessuto non tessuto Foto Carta da parati Muro Carta da parati muro immagini decorativo 3d-motive kn-7250,

“The MotoGP bikes are awesome: they have massive power and you brake very hard, they are not instinctive at all. If you ride them the way they are, you risk your life and the times don’t come. With instinct you can reach a discrete level, but to go further you need to study hard.”

Tessuto non tessuto Foto Carta da parati Muro Carta da parati muro immagini decorativo 3d-motive kn-6837,

“The other guys’ data. I’ve had this opportunity for the last few months, since I arrived in Ducati (Ed. with the Pramac satellite team). When I started with the Desmosedici, I didn’t use the rear brake. Now I use it a lot, I’ve copied Dovizioso and Iannone. They are like a carrot for a donkey, my point of reference. Instinct is not enough, champions study every little detail, Rossi spends hours and hours in the box. The two Andreas have the GP15, a great bike, but their technique is superior to mine. For the moment.”

3D Hole in muro ITALIANO ROVINE Vista Adesivi Da Parete Pellicola Murale Art Decalcomania 71,

“Being at the front, always and in any case. We are not curve assassins, not hurting yourself is a priority. I think of the best lines, how to stab at the throttle a millimetre earlier. Training with champions is important, even here everyone wants to win, no one does it for a laugh.”

Tessuto non tessuto Fotomurale no. 2899 paesaggio carta da parati campo vino natura Alba ST,

“I wouldn’t have minded racing at that time, it was a question of the heart. With the monstrous bikes we have today, courage no longer counts, you need training. From the data I found that the strongest riders do exactly the same things on the first and the last lap, after 45 laps flat out. They are maniacal about every little detail, they know how to use their body with as little effort as possible. You need to work hard every day.”

Carta-Foto Carta Da Parati Foto Carta da parati carta da parati di carta poster foto HUSKY cuccioli,

“I do a couple of hours in the morning, one in the afternoon. I have a personal trainer, a physiotherapist, a dietician and a psycho-physiologist. They teach me to move without seeing, without hearing. During a GP I make twice the effort as the top riders, so I’m trying to close the gap.”

Tessuto non tessuto Fotomurale Carta da parati immagine parete 15f0289540 triangoli astrazione 3d E GEOMET,

“I’ll try and come always. It’s all organized by Davide Tardozzi (Ed. Ducati MotoGP team manager). He gives us very few breaks between the races, every time we change direction. At the end of the day, your hands are covered with blisters. Since I got back from Argentina, I haven’t had one day’s rest. The more I work, the faster I go and the more I want to.”

Murale Parete Photo carta da Parati Foto (1433P) Arte Astratta,

“Lose weight. MotoGP bikes are not made for big guys like me, I’m still seven or eight kilos heavier than the rider average. A few millimetres of suspension travel make a massive difference. I try not to eat much, but above all it’s important to train well.”

Pesi Equilibratura Moto Cromo Adesivi 50 G50 G Barra per Motocicletta Verchrom,

“At the moment I’m in the lead, but from the next race on Dovizioso will come along tougher and fitter than ever. On track he beats me hands down, but I want to at least win here. Maybe dinner is up for grabs…at the end of the championship however.”

Enorme Koolart Cartoon si si si adatta INFINITI G20 Adesivo Muro Poster Murale 1128 2d06ca

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